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Reasonable Precautions – Preventing Panic and Pandemic

Simple but Effective Steps for Businesses, Schools and Government Offices to Provide Assurance and Help Prevent the Spread of Disease

Planning for a pandemic is not panicking; it is being reasonable and prudent. Moreover, it provides assurances that diminish the tendency for people to worry. Panic cascades comes from a feeling that things are out of control. Avoiding panic requires faith and confidence that one’s personal safety is reasonably certain. This demands more than empty assurances and being told not to panic. Therefore, concrete steps are important. Knowing that senior staff have carefully considered potential threats and have a staged action plan provides a sense of comfort and confidence that averts panic. Moreover, such confidence is well-placed, as these plans do contribute to personal safety. Continue reading Reasonable Precautions – Preventing Panic and Pandemic

NASA Misses a PR Opportunity with LCROSS

Unfortunately, there seems to be a failure of imagination at NASA in recent years with regard to capturing the world’s interest and building excitement about NASA’s mission. That directly translates into reduced budgets and fewer engineers and scientists overall, as well as in those who choose a career in space exploration. Indicative of a larger problem, the overall sentiment is negative on the LCROSS mission–for all the wrong reasons, but as I make the case here, that’s really a result of the failure of NASA to inspire public. Continue reading NASA Misses a PR Opportunity with LCROSS