Researchers Discover a New Knot

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA — Researchers have discovered the first new knot in more than a century. Using sophisticated new super-computing software derived from advanced string theory, scientists at the Lawrence Institute for Elementary Science have been able to mathematically synthesize the new knot and produce a 3-D image of its structure. Researchers caution that the new knot, known as FS1701A, is not yet fit to be tied since more work needs to be done in clarifying its dizzying internal structure. Practical applications may be years away. Continue reading Researchers Discover a New Knot

Those Little Ones


Oh to see them—those little ones—with outstretched pudgy arms

Little fingers curling air, in working ways to draw me in

Smiling, laughing, running races, unmindful of life’s myriad harms

What blessed fleeting moments these, encompassed by their cheerful din


The trust they have is honey sweet, and to feel it’s worth, sublime

To be the object of such faith is scary lovely through and through

That trust is good and fast I know, untainted by sad effects of time

Sure enough, that I am, I’ll stumble here and there, it’s true

But by God’s good grace and their charming face I’ll be worthy yet

Of simple love, and unforced smiles, hugs and kisses too

1997 April 3